Preserving the Canadian Internet

Canadians are one of the most polite, considerate, and amiable human beings on this earth. The most charming thing about Canadians is that they are forever apologizing even if it is not their fault. With a blended and colorful culture, Canadian is one of most progressive nations. There is a lot to write about Canada, Canadians, their culture, and values but I can not do justice to in a single article, so let us talk about Canadian lnternet Community.

Who are these lnternet Addicts?

Canada is and has been one of the biggest contributors to global internet landscape. With a total population of 36.29 million people, it has more than 30 million internet users they bag the first position in the world. When we talk about the Internet, Canadians are internet addict with 46 hours of online presence per month on an average basis. They have recouped their first position for most engaging internet users in the world. Once they come online, Canadians incline to stay a little longer in one place. As compared to other major countries, Canadians tend to pay more in the name of faster internet.

The Most Mobile Users

mobile in canada 1A number of Mobile subscribers in Canada have crossed 25 million marks last year. Every four out of Canadians have a smartphone. These mobile users play a vital role in dominating the internet through various means such as Facebook and lnstagram. But Canadian E-commerce industry is still booming through Desktop users. Video Consumption A rise of 36% has been witnessed in online video consumption. Canadians spend more hours online watching videos than any other country. Main sources of video consumption for them are TV, YouTube, Music Videos, and Porn. The largest porn aggregation website PornHub is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Once PornHub revealed a list of countries with more lasting time on their site. Canada was on top of it as well with an average staying time of 10 minutes 45 minutes 40 seconds. Wow- a lot better than most couples can last in bed!

A Natural Gathering for Social Media & Marketing

Social media platforms are attaining more popularity with the passage of every single second, for both, personal communications and for business purposes as well. Where people are taking more and more interest in daily communication through social media, businesses are also getting more involved in the race for marketing through those platforms. Canada is having more than 22.69 million social network users right now. Facebook is most prominent social media platform in Canada. After Facebook absolute monopoly, Pinterest is on the second spot and Twitter is ranked third on the list. Due to this addictive use of the social platform of general consumers, Canadian companies are using these platforms for targeted marketing and spending a lot of money to reach every available screen space. By the end of this year, Canada is expected to spend 590 million USD on social media ads.

E-commerce and Beyond!

E-commerce is booming in Canada. With faster and easier access to the Internet, Canadians are open to shopping online. Canadians have spent 19.2 billion USD on online shopping. These numbers are expected to reach 39 billion USD by the end of 2019. Another Interesting fact about Canadian consumers is that they prefer the .ca domain instead of .com it means they are only comfortable in buying from Canadians instead of others. This was a very short overview of Canadian lnternet Community. Canadians are showing progress in every field of field of life. The only thing I don’t like about Canada is that their coffee is very terrible. I hope they will progress in it as well and will dish out some good brew soon.

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