How the Internet influenced the Canada?

Internet in Canada 3Canada was always known only for its geographical position, at north of the USA, and by the population of the more popular southern neighbor the Canadians were considered as a kind of threat. Not the people as much as the country itself. The Americans always knew that in the Canada, there were more beautiful and attractive touristic objectives, as well as its economical prospective was kind of more optimistic.

These are the main reasons why Canada was in a sort of shadow under the United States of America, until not long ago. But once, the globalization hit and the popularity of internet articles overthrow the popularity of television, The Great White North was opened up by the internet. First of all, let’s see why Canada has received the supra-name of Great White North. The term of Great, was one that was given by the surface occupied by the wonderful country. As Canada is the second largest country in the world, it gave birth to a kind of opposition from the USA, as they considered of Canada, due to its dimensions, and not only, a type of a silent enemy. The greatness of the Canada, does not refer only to the physical dimensions, as there population and infrastructure are ‘great’ also. An interesting fact about Canadians is the fact that almost 80% of the population of this country, lives on the border USA-Canada.

It is not rocket science to figure it out that if such percentage of population lives in such small surface of the country, there is a lot of land in Canada that is uninhabited. Here it comes the term of White from the nickname of the country. The original reason for this name is the Arctic Archipelago of Canada covering almost 1 and a half million square kilometers of the country’s surface. In this huge amount of space, there are only living 14 000 people, offering even to the inhabitants of this area new experiences every day they decide to travel around. Besides that, the snowy climate is always covering a big proportion of the country in white, giving more meaning to the term of white, as they are almost half a year covered in white snow. At last but not least, the North completion of the title is simply given by the southern neighbors as their only view in the northern side is Canada. The name is kind of spooky if you come to think about it, and this is also the realization of USA. The internet gave a big hand to Canada, as there are promotions made on some of the biggest traveling sites on the internet and not only. New York Times had some articles published about the Great White North, promoting its touristic objective and its culture. Nonetheless, also CBC took the mantle from NY Times, and started to open the eyes of the world to the wonders that may be found in the northern country considering the American point of view.

As this article can only give a smaller account of the whole issue of the Great White North debate, the internet holds even further texts about the Great White North, revealing an even bigger realm of the theme as we know it.

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