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How many Americans moved to Canada in 2016?

Canadian Real Estate 1Did the Trump administration cause a population transfusion? The truth is- the answers are still being answered. However there is still the old message lingering: “Politics is a necessary evil, or a necessary annoyance, a necessary conundrum.” — by P.J. O'Rourke. Now- Politics are definitely necessary, but it is undeniably a conundrum, nevertheless. Not because it is necessary, but because it is inevitable, entire nations go through this ordeal at every election, allowing themselves to be swooshed around during the campaigns before settling back into the same monotonous grind to which no government could have made a big difference.

Elections have thus proven to have the inherent ability to bring forth a verbosity like no other phenomenon. The impact of words that were spoken so much in excess, in turn inciting more garrulousness from so many sources that the general public can hardly keep up. It was through such a campaign and election that President Donald Trump comes to power in 2016. Of all the verbosity his election incited, of all the promises that were made, of all the vows that were pronounced, an unforgettable part was that of hundreds of Americans who vowed to move to Canada if he were elected as President. It is noteworthy that this included at least thirty-five top celebrities who vowed to leave the country through various televised interviews on talk shows and of course through mainstream media outlets. While it is a common tendency to look back at the promises made by politicians during election campaigns and hold them to their word, let us be fair and hold the same contempt toward these celebs.

Did they actually move to Canada? Did they even consider it? Did their threats change the course of the elections? Definitely not. So, where are these celebrities now? Well, Jon Stewart was headed to another planet but it seems like he was redirected right back to Earth. Ah, it must be great to be back home! Of those who were all set to move to Canada, it seems that none have actually gone through with it. Some have not bothered to explain themselves, but some like Lena Dunham seems to have been overcome by a burden and patriotism for their country. Chelsea Handler, on the other hand, has come to realize America's need for voices like hers, thanks to her staff, that she has decided to stay back. While one is led to wonder if anybody will leave their country, home, profession, friends, and family to cope with a change in the government, the change is a relatively minor one unlike a change from democracy to dictatorship, it is inevitable to also wonder whether a country like Canada would in fact allow such mass exodus of social and political discontent.

It is widely known that Canada has been extremely welcoming and flexible with immigration, but while dealing with over 25,000 Syrian refugees -in addition to the usual immigration traffic, they have somehow forgotten to set-up an empty grid for Americans who didn’t approve of Donald Trump. It wasn’t very neighborly of them either when they didn’t have their immigration websites prepared to accommodate the alarmed Americans who sought refuge in Canada on the night of President Trump's victory. Though Canada has arms open wide to immigrants and refugees, it is mandatory that they fall into these categories -for one very good reason. Canada looks for skilled migrants and their families, students and refugees most of all. There are a plan and a pattern of their immigration policies and decisions. So for pragmatic reasons, not everyone can simply migrate to Canada on a whimper of ‘Let’s leave because we don’t like our political candidate for this or that reason. Which was the number one reason that this now infamous meme began to trend online and became the leading pledge of frontrunners who are obvious pawns of the LGBT community and agenda alike.

Even for those who seek to take a break from their country and relax in a purchased home somewhere in Canada, the heads-up notification you’ll get for the Non-Resident Speculation Tax of 15%. There is also a restriction on the number of properties a foreigner can actually own. The truth is that it’s restricted to 1- if the intention is for their own personal use. There are also a lot of restrictions on the amount of agricultural land that a foreigner can buy- too. In fact, Quebec doesn’t allow non-residents to buy any farmland at all. Much like many countries throughout Europe, property ownership was often reserved for established citizens born within the country with many restrictions placed upon purge migrants such as the Gypsy and Jewish community who were not formerly from that region. Thus it might have been a good decision by these selective celebs to simply stay in the United States where their comfortable Hollywood lifestyle would not be interrupted or taken away within a neighboring country. Alas, all the bullhorn barking from empty-headed celeb threats that were given, Canada remains untarnished for its’ natural beauty and for those who wish to contribute to that mindset nature.

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